When I was in grade school, I remember telling my parents I wanted to be an artist when I grew up. Forty-plus years later, I am an artist to the glory of God! Years of art classes in elementary, junior high and high school precipitated a desire to major in Fashion Marketing at North Texas State University where I earned a BBA degree(1985) that also incorporated an extra semester of art/design courses.

I worked in the Dallas World Trade Center as a showroom manager for a lighting/art/decor showroom and then as a sales representative in the Dallas Apparel Mart. I married Paul Gunn, moved out of Texas, and became an administrative assistant in a buying office for ladies apparel. Later, I had three wonderful kids, two of which are in college and one in high school.

Five years ago, a friend invited me to exhibit art at Hill Country Bible Church. After trying fiber art and mixed media, I resolved to focus my attention on mosaics. This has become my passion! Most of my pieces have a "flow" or movement to them while others rely on texture and unique materials for extra "wow" factor. . God has blessed me with the desire and ability to convey His love and beauty in Art. Art is worship!

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